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PATI test

5 Things To Know Before You Write The PATI Test

As you prepare for an exciting career in the Canadian police department, you may have some questions. How can you ensure that you are ready to take the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory test? Read below to find out how to properly prepare for your PATI test.


1. Be Prepared for test day.

First, it is important to note the length and type of exam. This test is approximately one hour and 45 minutes. Ensure that you get adequate sleep the night before. Start your day off with a healthy and energizing breakfast. Be prepared to take the test with a pencil. Remember to bring current identification. It is also important to arrive at least ten minutes early.  If you wish, you can request to take your PATI test in French. Please make sure to arrange to test in French before your official test day. The test is meant to determine if a candidate has the necessary cognitive abilities to succeed at his or her job. While the Canadian Police Department website includes an online document that has some example practice questions, you may find that you need more study resources.


2. Study all PATI test sections for optimal test performance.

Study all PATI test sectionsThe PATI test explores a candidate’s reasoning skills. More specifically, there are three different reasoning skills on the test.


The first is deductive reasoning. Iit is extremely important to know how to figure out if the evidence holds significant meaning. It is an officer’s job to determine if all the evidence is relevant to the case. Since this area is on the syllogism section of the test, it would be a great idea to study the practice questions.


The second one is inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning is equally important as the other two reasoning skills. Essentially, police officers need to know how to connect the pieces of the case puzzle. How does one piece of evidence relate to another? When you take your test, you might see different shape questions. You need to find the pattern in these test images. If you need help studying for the classifications and series completion PATI test section, you can find free and paid resources online.


Lastly, the third reasoning skill is quantitative reasoning. Math skills are another important part of a police officer’s job. It is important to be able to calculate various speeds and distances while on the job. Prepare for different types of math questions on the word problems and arithmetic tasks portion of the exam.


Some of the quantitative questions are basic math questions. For example, you might see fractions and division on your test. Other questions that will be on the test are word problems. Even though it is always wise to study for your PATI test, the basic math questions should be familiar since these concepts are taught in school.


The PATI also contains mapping questions. These types of mapping questions typically involve images of various ways to get to a location. You have to determine which option is the best route to take. Furthermore, you need to figure out the best type of transportation to get to the final destination.


3. Apply useful study techniques before you take your test.

Apply useful PATI study techniquesIn addition to knowing what types of questions will be on the test, you will need proper study techniques. One way is to have a study partner. You both want to pass the exam, so you can help test each other. If you do not know anyone else applying to become a police officer, you can utilize self-study materials. Your local library may have police preparation books. The internet has many practice exams. There are also various classes to help you prepare for your exam. Some people find that creating flashcards or writing on a board are useful studying techniques. Furthermore, you can discuss the questions and answers with someone who is not applying to be an officer. Studies show that if you teach someone what you are studying, you increase your chances of retaining the knowledge.


4. Know what happens after you take your PATI test.

After you take your PATI testAfter successfully completing the exam, your scores remain valid for three years. If you did not pass your initial PATI exam, you could retake it after three months. If, for some reason you do not pass your second attempt at the PATI exam, then you need to wait six months before you can retest.


5. Refer to quality PATI resources before you take your test.

Finally, if you need more PATI prep resources order a course today! Our courses are also accessible on mobile devices. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our tutors. We have current practice tests for any region in Canada. Our online practice tests are designed to make sure you know the test concepts. We also offer a free cheat sheet to prepare for your police application process. Avoid failing your test by contacting one of our representatives today. We are here to help you succeed on your chosen career path.