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Law Enforcement Jobs In Ontario

7 Law Enforcement Jobs In Ontario That You Can Choose From Right Now

The following are 7 law enforcement jobs you can choose from that are available right now, but for the ultimate in training, be sure to signup to our home study course to prepare you for the police entrance exams – Police Prep: Ontario Police Full Test Prep Package (Online Course)

If you’re studying to become a police officer in Ontario, you should know that there are many more options available in law enforcement than what you might think. Check out these available jobs in law enforcement in Ontario. With this information, you might get a better idea of where your interests lie in the law enforcement field.

Court Officer

Law Enforcement JobsCourt officers are depended upon to maintain the security and order of the courts and keep control of people in custody who are required to attend court. As a court officer, you may be required to transport persons in custody to and from court. You’ll keep the courthouse safe by monitoring courthouse entrances and conducting electronic searches. When necessary, you may need to execute arrests.

There are some clerical requirements like checking, recording, and filing various court documents and entering the details of dispositions from courts. You’ll also need to obtain DNA samples when required by the court. You’ll be heavily relied upon to keep the courthouse and courtrooms secure, and to control and monitor persons in custody.

Special Constable

Law Enforcement JobsIn the past, Special Constables referred to volunteer police services in Canada, mainly before World War II. Today, the term does not refer to a police volunteer, but to a sworn-in employee of Police Services. They undertake specific duties while having the power of a police officer.

Some of the specific duties Special Constables are responsible for are:

  • Explosive Disposal Technician
  • Court Security
  • Campus Security
  • Executive Protection for Diplomats
  • Criminal Transport Officers
  • Cell Block Officers
  • Snowmobile Trail Patrol Officers
  • Niagara Parks Police

Special Constables typically have limited authority, and the jurisdictional police officers still have the responsibility of criminal code enforcement. In Ontario, Special Constables are typically not armed, except for the Niagara Parks Police. Many universities in Ontario utilize Special Constables to provide the communities with a hybrid police-security service.

Security Guards

Law Enforcement JobsIf you enter the law enforcement sector as a security guard, you can expect to have the responsibility of guarding property against theft and vandalism, controlling access to establishments, and maintaining order and enforcing regulations within establishments and at special events.

Some examples of security guard positions are:

  • Airport security
  • Armored car guard
  • Bouncer
  • Crossing guard
  • Gate attendant
  • Night watchman

Security guard positions are a great way to gain entry into the law enforcement sector and work your way up to higher positions. The job availability for security guards increased sharply after Sept. 11, and the outlook continues to be fair as job availability will increase slightly over the next few years.

By-Law Officer

Law Enforcement JobsBy-Law Officers are responsible for enforcing municipal bylaws and providing public education are awareness programs. They ensure the protection of residents, properties, and employees. The types of public awareness programs include:

  • Fire prevention
  • Vehicle Safety
  • ATV and snowmobile safety,
  • Firearm safety

To ensure a safe environment for citizens, as a by-law officer you’ll have the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct regular patrols
  • Perform court-related activities
  • Enforce speed limits
  • Conduct investigations
  • Respond to resident complaints and concerns

By-Law Officers have the important duty of acting as liaisons between community groups and organizations and law enforcement. They often play a vital role in schools by providing safety awareness programs.

Police Officer

Law Enforcement JobsPolice officers are charged with the responsibilities of maintaining law and order, protecting the public, and detecting and preventing crime. There are a variety of occupational titles within the police officer field including:

  • Community relations officer
  • Constable
  • Detective
  • Highway Patrol Officer
  • Police Cadet

Harbor Police Officer

Ontario Police OfficerHarbor police officers are also known as water police. They patrol sea waters, rivers, harbors, lakes, and more in water crafts. As a harbor officer, you’re responsible for ensuring the safety of water users, enforcing water traffic laws, preventing crime, and performing search and rescue services.

Harbor police officers often work together with state, federal, and local authorities to promote similar enforcement or rescue outcomes. Also, many harbor police officers have specialized skills in first aid, rescue, firefighting, and vessel dewatering.

Personal Protection

Law Enforcement JobsJobs in personal protection are typically with a private employer. You’ll provide protection services as a bodyguard for clients with high-risk profiles. You may escort clients or provide temporary protection to visitors. Personal protection can be provided in an armed or unarmed capacity.

You may be responsible for gathering intelligence and preparing vulnerability assessments. Specialists often have to conduct security visits to sites ahead of time, coordinate secure travel, and develop reaction protocol and emergency response contingencies. Operations are conducted in a manner that is legal, ethical, and effective.

Even within the police officer job category, there are multiple positions that you could potentially have a career in as a law enforcement officer. The first step, however, is passing the necessary tests required to seek employment in law enforcement. Police Test Prep offers all you need to help you start an exciting career in law enforcement.