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Applicant Testing Services: Who They Are, How They Work

If you’re interested in becoming a police officer in Ontario, and you end up taking the pre-interview screening test, your test will come from Applicant Testing Services (ATS). ATS is an advocate of careers in law enforcement and emergency services, and the standardized tests they offer are objective and give fair assessments of each test-taker. They desire that applicants have a positive and meaningful experience while testing for their respected choice of field. Here are some other benefits Applicant Testing Services offers.


Job Listings

Police Test PrepATS provides a list of police services in the Ontario province that are currently hiring. They also give you a link to the service’s website to make it easy for interested job seekers to view the posting and get more information about the position. Rather than taking hours out of your day to search various cities and towns for police officer jobs, you can find them all in one spot on the ATS website. Once you decide to apply for a position, consider a test prep package to give you the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the exam.


Along with police officer jobs, ATS also has recruitment listings for the following:


  • Special Constable
  • TTC
  • GO Transit
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Nuclear Security
  • Firefighter

Overview of the Hiring Process

Police Test PrepUnlike more traditional jobs, getting hired as a police officer isn’t as simple as filling out an application and going to an interview. There are quite a few steps in the process, including physical and written exams. ATS lays out the process in an easy-to-understand flow chart, so you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll need to accomplish in order to become a police officer. As a courtesy, they offer self-assessment questionnaires for you to review before you begin the process. Being a police officer isn’t for everyone, and these surveys will give you insight into whether or not you’re up to the task.


Here are the following tests you’ll need to take, and pass, in order to become a police officer in Ontario:


  • Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI)
  • Written Communications Test (WCT)
  • Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP)
  • Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device for Police
  • Vision and hearing test

Return on Investment

Police Test PrepA fee is required to take the tests as a first time and re-test or renewal applicant. However, Applicant Testing Services believes that you should expect a return on your investment. If you are unable to meet the fee schedule, ATS is helpful in working out payment options.


Here’s how you can expect to receive your “return”:


  • You’ll receive an OACP Certificate of Results if you successfully complete the tests.
  • Successful results will allow you to apply to any Ontario Police Service using the Constable Selection System.
  • Your successful results are a display of all of your related abilities.
  • You’ll receive feedback in regards to your personal performance.
  • ATS will inform you of Police Services that are currently recruiting.

Testing Available Year Round

Rather than having to wait to test, you can test year-round. There are multiple tests available monthly in different locations across Ontario. Having a variety of testing dates to choose from also gives you some time to prepare for your exam without being worried about missing out on a test opportunity. If you need some time to prepare, consider purchasing a course from Police Test Prep to give you the tools you’ll need to pass.  Click here to view the test dates for 2016. Fortunately, ATS as a generous rescheduling policy that allows you to choose a different test date without penalty if you do so before the registration deadline.


PREP Practice Sessions

PREP PracticeUse the Ontario Police Test Prep Package to feel confident about your written exams. If you’re already doing that and have concerns about the physical evaluation (PREP), Applicant Testing Services offers PREP practice sessions in the Greater Toronto Areas and Ottawa Areas. For only a $25 registration fee, you can participate in a practice session of the physical component of the testing process. You can also check with specific Police Services to see if they are offering any PREP practice sessions prior to your test date.


While this focused on the services ATS offers for police officer hopefuls, you can apply most of this information to the other fields they test in like firefighting, nuclear security, and special constable. Passing your tests successfully through the Applicant Testing Services allows you to apply to any police officer job in Ontario and start your rewarding career with the Police Services. Before you take your tests, check out the courses available from Police Test Prep to give you the best chance of passing your tests the first time around and getting hired quickly.