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Police Test Prep

Become a Police Officer With ATS Testing – Pass the PATI, WCT, B-PAD Tests FAST

You’ve decided to become a police officer.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a police officer since you were a little kid or maybe you just decided that law enforcement is a stable career that will work well for you.  Now is the time to get started on this new path in life.  The first hurdle in your way of achieving this career goal is to get through the testing phase.  You will need to pass the PATI, WCT, and the B-PAD through the Applicant Testing Services, Inc., also known as ATS testing, before you can start applying for a position as a constable.  This can cause most people to break out in a cold sweat as many people really don’t enjoy ATS tests.  Knowledge is power, so going over what will be expected for you to know will help you better prepare for the upcoming challenge.


Police Test Prep - PATIThe PATI test is the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory test.  This test covers how well you can apply logic to situations and events that you could come across as a police constable.  There are three sections that this test will cover: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.  Deductive reasoning will cover Travel Time and Syllogism tasks to see how well you can get to the answer based on the information provided to you.  Inductive reasoning will be tested using Series Completion and Classification tasks to see if you can identify common characteristics or trends. Quantitative reasoning will be tested using Arithmetic and Word Problems to see how well you can do with math that will apply to working as a police officer.


Police Test Prep - WCTWTC or the Written Communication Test will be testing you on how well you can take information that is presented in a jumbled manner, and rewrite it so that it will make sense.  In addition to this, you must also be able to identify what information is necessary to the scenario that has been presented to you, as well as determine the unnecessary information that was given to throw you off.  Usually, this test is tackled by making an ordered list of the facts that were presented, and then writing an essay about those facts.  At the end of your essay, you will then have to make a conclusion on what took place.  Not only are you tested on how well you are able to create the essay, but on how well you were able to communicate with it.  This means that your spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and readability will also be graded.


Police Test Prep - B-PADThe B-PAD, also known as the Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device for Police is a Stage II test.  This means that you have passed the first stage that included the PATI and WCT.  In the B-PAD, you will be exposed to typical situations that you would face as a police officer, and then tested on how you would react and respond to the people that are in the situation.  These scenarios are presented to you on a TV screen.  You will not be required to know police codes or procedures for this test as this test is all about you using common sense to deal with these scenarios, and will test your interpersonal communication skills, as well.  This test will help law enforcement agencies learn more about you personally when it comes to your judgement and values.

ATS Test Help

Police Test PrepOkay, this information may have you thinking that you need to start looking elsewhere for your career plans, but you are not alone in needing help.  It’s really a pretty smart move to get the help you need with test prep to ensure that you are able to pass these tests quickly in order to get hired by your local police department.  Police Test Prep is here to help you with earning a passing grade the first time around.   Our 97.2 percent pass rate for the first attempt is pretty convincing all on its own, but there are a few more reasons to give us a try.  We offer the latest in study materials that are up-to-date to what is being asked for on the tests through ATS testing, connect with your learning materials at your own pace in on any platform, live online tutoring is available, take advantage of the free resume templates, and feel confident in the money back guarantee that you will pass your test.

It may be easy to think that you can go into the PATI, WCT, and B-PAD tests without spending any time studying for them, but that would be a complete mistake.  You are taking the time to register and schedule your tests, so it only makes sense that you will take the time you need to get prepared for them.  Getting the help you need to pass the first time around will get you to where you want to be that much faster.

ATS test prep is exactly what you need when it comes to getting through your testing process as quickly as possible.  Our experts understand the pressures you have upon yourself to get through the testing process to get started on your chosen career path.  It can feel pretty overwhelming to have to get passing scores on all of these tests, especially if it’s been a bit since you graduated from school.  Our test prep is so extensive that we guarantee that you’ll pass your testing the first time around using our service.

No matter if you’re studying for the PATI, WCT, or the B-Pad, you can count on ATS test prep to help you get the job done.  One of the key factors that separates us from our competitors is that we offer a wide variety of packages, practice tests you can do online at your own pace, and more than one different, current practice test to expose you to what you may see on the test.  All too often, if you study on just one test or even tests that were used in the past, your scores will reflect this when it comes time to be exposed to a different and more recent test.