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Resources For Police Applicants

Let’s Get Physical! Workout Resources For Police Applicants

Becoming a member of select Canadian police forces requires study, the proper temperament, applied "know-how," discipline and endurance. What we are talking about is physical and mental strength. The rigorous written examinations will test a candidates analytical skills, deductive and inductive reasoning; as well as evaluate a behavioral profile, looking at problem-solving abilities, communication and […]


Practice Police Fitness Tests

Practice Police Fitness Tests With Police Fit Canada

Based in Ottawa, Police Fit Canada focuses on preparing candidates for the physical fitness testing component of the application process. The physical demands on law enforcement officers are strenuous, and the company helps people assess their readiness as well as prepare for fitness tests. Police Fit Canada is also an accredited testing site for the PARE, FITCO, […]


Ontario Women in Law Enforcement

Ontario Women in Law Enforcement – OWLE

It is a problem many recognize – Ontario police forces do not employ enough women officers. Some police services are rather small and there are not enough women officers within each individual force to allow the opportunity for individual organizations to form. That is, police organizations focused on the female officers.   Ontario Women in […]

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