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Toronto Police College

Get Accepted To Toronto Police College Fast With Police Test Prep Canada

Getting into the Toronto Police College requires an O.A.C.P. certification, which consists of three written tests and two physical tests. Once you’ve passed all of these tests, and fulfilled the other requirements, your application Toronto Police College Application is submitted for review.

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The most difficult part of getting into Toronto Police College is arguably the five tests that are compiled to achieve O.A.C.P. certification; indeed, many police candidates do not pass on the first time. This process can be long and tedious. However, Police Test Prep Canada has plenty of studying packagesfor the tests, complete with test questions and practice quizzes.

Police Test Prep Canada ensures that police candidates study and pass their tests the first time. With proper studying and the right tools to learn the concepts, police candidates won’t have to wait to take a second or even third test to pass. The process of acceptance into the Toronto Police College is virtually cut in half.

The following are the tests you are required to pass before you can be considered for the Toronto Police College, and how Police Test Prep Canada can help expedite the process:

1. Police Analytical Thinking Inventory(PATI) Test

Police Analytical Thinking InventoryThe PATI Test assesses three types of thinking: Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Deductive reasoning is the ability to observe one’s surrounding and draw correct conclusions based on the evidence, and inductive reasoning is the ability to find common characteristics or trends in a group. Quantitative reasoning is essentially basic math and arithmetic questions.

While it might be easy to study for Quantitative reasoning questions, Deductive and inductive reasoning questions are difficult to study for– they aren’t just a series of math questions. However, Police Test Prep Canada has packages available to cover the full scope of this test, and even provides candidates with study guides, examples, and sample quizzes.

2. The Written Communication Test (WCT)

The Written Communication TestThe Written Communication test is what the name would lead you to believe, an assessment of police candidate’s writing capabilities. Police officers are frequently writing police reports, and it is important to effectively communicate both verbally and textually. Police candidates can expect to be tested on vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.

How does one even begin to practice a written test that assesses clear, concise written communication? Rather than guessing and practicing without feedback, use the Police Test Prep Canada study guide to help pass the test. The study guideis full of lessons and practice quizzes, plus past questions from last year’s test!

3. Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police(PREP)

Physical Readiness Evaluation for PoliceThe PREP is a physical assessment from the Constable Selection System. Separated into three “mini-tests,” the PREP serves the purpose of assessing whether or not a police candidate is physically capable of working in the field. The first mini test is the pre-screening and medical clearance, the second test is preparing for the pursuit and the restraint circuit, and the third test is the aerobic shuttle run.

Police Test Prep Canada has “study guides” even for the physical tests. Complete with diet plansand workout routines, Police Test Prep Canada prepares candidates with tailored workouts and exercises specific to muscles groups that will be used during the assessment. If police candidates follow the workout routines(both standard and CrossFit) and the suggested diet plan (the Paleo Diet), the PREP test will be easy.

4. Behavioral Personal Assessment Device(BPAD)

Behavioral Personal Assessment DeviceThe BPAD is a video simulation test that assesses how a candidate might react in certain given situations. The BPAD blends communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills by presenting candidates with different scenarios, then asking what they would do.

Studying for the BPAD alone is difficult, because the situations are unique. There’s virtually no way to study without knowing which materials to study, and scenarios are even more difficult to study for. Police Test Prep Canada has past questions and scenarios, and suggested answers, as well as important points to cover. With the proper studying materials, passing the BPAD is very straightforward.

How can you get into the Toronto Police College Fast?

Toronto Police CollegePurchase a Police Test Prep Canada Study Guidetoday, and pass the tests the first time! The Police Test Prep Canada Packages are study guides, workout plans, diets, practice quizzes, and even real test questions from the past years. When you use a study guide that thorough, you’ll be able to pass the tests without complications, achieve your O.A.C.P. certification quickly, and get accepted much faster than the average police candidate.