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Police Testing Ontario: How to Become an Ontario Cop

The following blog post is all about what it’s like to become a police officer in the province of Ontario. For the ultimate in training, be sure to signup to our home study course to prepare you for the police entrance exams – Police Prep: Ontario Police Full Test Prep Package (Online Course)

All about police testing in Ontario: You’ve made a decision that you want to look into how to become a police officer in Ontario.  Now, you need to learn what you need to do to make this happen.  You will need to know about the minimum requirements, general information sessions, preliminary testing, and application to get you started on this law enforcement track.

Minimum Requirements

Ontario Police OfficerThe minimum requirements to become a police constable in Ontario is that you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, must be at least 18 years old, have the capability to physically and mentally perform this position, and have completed four years of a secondary school education or its equivalent.  You need to have good habits and morals.  You will also be required to have a valid driver’s license for Ontario, and have CPR and first aid certification upon employment.  You will also need to be able to pass a background check, credit check, reference check, and security clearance.

General Information Session

Ontario Police OfficerYou may be required to attend a session that has the purpose of acting as a recruiting event.  If you are seeking employment with the Toronto Police Service, you must attend a general information session before you can start the application process with your testing.  This session will cover the selection process, and help give you guidance on what will be expected of you during the process.  You will need to pre-register for this online, and there is limited space during one of these sessions, so it may be helpful to register as soon as possible for the next upcoming session to get a space.

Preliminary Testing Process

Ontario Police OfficerAfter you have attended any necessary informational sessions, you can schedule yourself for the first portion of the police testing Ontario process and pay any necessary testing fees to get signed up.

Stage 1

The first stage of testing to earn an OACP certificate, also known as the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Certificate, will have three sections.  These tests are the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police or PREP, the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory or PATI, and the Written Communication Test or WCT.  The purpose of these tests are to evaluate your physical capabilities, your logic skills, and your interpersonal communication skills.  The physical test will measure your abilities in person, and the other two tests are taken with paper and pencil.  These stage one tests must be passed before you can move on to the stage two testing.

Stage 2

Stage two testing is scheduled after you’ve completed stage one successfully.  The tests that you will need to pass at this stage include a vision test, a hearing test, and testing on the Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device or BPAD.  The vision and hearing tests are pretty self-explanatory.  The BPAD test is performed while you are watching a television screen that will present you with certain scenarios, and you have to try to respond to these scenarios as you would in real life.  It does not require you to be familiar with police policies and procedures to get a passing grade.  This test measures your judgment and how well you are able to communicate with others.

Application and Hiring

Ontario Police OfficerAfter you have passed your tests and received your OACP certificate, you can apply to the policy agency of your choice.  Some, like Toronto, have their applications available online for you to take.  After you have been hired by a police service, you will then be required to attend the Ontario Police College where the training will last for 13 weeks.


The process of how to become a police officer in Ontario may seem long at first, but getting through your testing the first time around will help to speed that time up for you compared to failing.  Don’t feel as though you have to go it alone when facing this process.  Police Test Prep has the tools that you need to get a passing score on your preliminary testing, such as the PATI, WCT, and the BPAD.  Police Test Prep - Ontario Police OfficerYou know what you want to do with your life, and your future career is at stake.  You can take and pass your tests the first time around rather than having to wait for being able to take them again.  We are so confident in our test prep that we offer a guarantee that you will pass the first time around, or we will refund you your money.


Becoming a police constable in Ontario means that you have to follow a set pattern to gain success.  Start by attending any information sessions that are necessary.  Sign up and schedule your stage one testing.  Get help!  Practice and study to make sure that you will be knowledgeable about what will be on the tests.  Pass that testing, and move onto your stage two testing.  Get a passing grade, and earn your OACP certificate.  Apply to the agency of your choice, and keep your fingers crossed for being hired.  After you are hired, go through your training at the police college.  Then, it’s time to start working.

As with any police testing, Ontario has rigorous standards for all applicants to go through to become eligible to be hired and go through the training process as police officers.  This is to be expected when doing such an important job that comes with its share of risks as well as rewards.  Your process to becoming a police officer will start with making sure that you’ve the minimum requirements necessary to go through these steps, including a background check.  This must be completed before you can move forward with taking the tests or applying for currently open positions.

Once you’ve gotten through this portion of the process, you’re able to sign up for the police testing Ontario requires you to pass.  Not only will you want to sign up for these tests, but you’ll want to start going through the process of test prep because a failing grade on any of the testing will require you to wait before you can retake that portion of the testing.  This delay in getting your career going can be easily preventable.  After you’ve gone through the testing portion, you can then start applying for positions to get hired which will then lead you towards training.