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OACP Certificate

How To Easily Get Your OACP Certificate

The OACP Certification, or Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Certification, is a mandatory certification all police leaders must achieve before applying to be a Police Officer. While some may believe this process is tedious, it is actually true that the OACP Certification program is nothing more than a series of tests, broken down into two different stages. The easiest way to get your OACP certification is to know what to expect with each test and to prepare for the tests. From mental to physical, the OACP is difficult, but with the right tools and the proper guidance, obtaining your certification is easy. You’ll definitely want to ensure you’re prepared, so be sure to review our home study test prep course here – Police Prep: Ontario Police Full Test Prep Package (Online Course)

Stage One

OACP CertificateStage one of OACP Certification consists of three separate tests: The Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP), the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI), and the Written Communication Test (WCT). Police Candidates are not able to move on to the next round of tests until Stage One testing has been completed.

The Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP)

The PREP test is a physical test is broken down into three parts: a general health examination and two performance tests. The best way to prepare for this physical test is to see your doctor for general health clearance and exercise daily. Recommended exercises include leg presses, chin-ups, and squats (amongst others).

The Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI)

OACP CertificateThe PATI test is a written test that assesses the candidate’s analytical thinking skills. A candidate can expect three different types of questions while taking the PATI test:deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. All of these analytical and logical questions relate to an individual’s ability to think on their feet and draw conclusions based on a particular situation–incredibly useful (and essential) thinking skills in the police workforce. The best way to prepare for the PATI test is to study these three types of reasoning and understand how they are pertinent to police work.

The Written Communications Test (WCT)

The WCTis a test that aims to evaluate a candidate’s written communication skills. Essentially, the test will mock a crime scene while the candidate must write down all of the evidence and create a clear, comprehensive police report. The WCT tests not only reading and writing comprehension, but also applies analytical thinking while assessing a crime scene. Because of the nature of this test, it is difficult to study for. However, study guides are available.

Stage Two

OACP CertificateOnce a candidate completes all three of the Stage One tests, they can move on to the second round of testing. The second round of testing consists of a vision test, a hearing test, and the Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (B-PAD) exam. While the vision test and the hearing test are straightforward and, therefore, there is nothing to study, the B-PAD is a situational exam that tests the candidate’s actions depending upon the scenario, which again proves difficult to study for. However, study guides are available.

The Vision and Hearing Tests

These two tests are performed by a physician and test your ability to hear and see. You will experience standard seeing and hearing tests to assess your vision and hearing. There is no way to study for a seeing and hearing test.

Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (B-PAD)

The B-PAD exam is a situational test given when the candidate watches a movie of typical day-to-day police work scenarios and asks the candidate how he or she would handle these scenarios. The candidate then responds to each scenario as if he or she were the officer while the tester records and the video with the responses are viewed by the assessor. The B-PAD aimsto assess the candidate’s interpersonal, problem-solving, and communication skills. Because the B-PAD is a situational test, it may be difficult to study for the test as in individual.

OACP Certification Made Easy

OACP CertificateAll in all, a candidate must pass three physical tests and three mental assessments. While the physical tests may be straightforward, it may be difficult to study for the mental assessments and pass on your own. Thankfully, Police Test Prep has a fantastic, comprehensive study guide that walks you through the entire OACP Certification. The Police Test Prep Ontario Full Test Prep Package is full of practice tests, examples, and guides you through the process one step at a time. The package allows the candidate full access and even guarantees a full refund if you do not pass.

The Ontario Association Chief of Police Certification is essential to becoming a police officer. Between the three physical evaluations and the three mental assessments, and especially the analytical questions and scenario-based tests, some people might believe that studying for the tests can be difficult. However, the Police Test Prep Ontario Full Test Prep Package is a wonderful tool to help anyone study and pass the Certification. Police Test Prep even guarantees a candidate’s success, or they promise a full refund.