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for the P.R.E.P test and Crossfit workouts

How to integrate preparations for the P.R.E.P test and Crossfit workouts

P.R.E.P test and Crossfit workoutsThere are many different parts of the evaluation process when applying to become a Police Officer. The two most noticeable pieces of the test are the written exam and the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police or P.R.E.P. While individuals can certainly try to train on their own for the physical evaluation, joining a Crossfit gym or team can significantly increase your physical readiness for the exam.

The exercises and programs Crossfit offers can train people for all sorts of trials they may face in the exam process. In fact, some Crossfit experts have even prepared specific workouts for the Police Examination. The experts suggest the trainee begins these specialized workouts at least 6 weeks prior to the testing date in order to prepare both physically and mentally.


CrossFit – Physical Fitness is a Requirement to be a Cop.

Crossfit Workout Examples

One example of a specialized Police Officer Workout includes the following exercises:

  • Samson Stretch
  • Squats
  • Pop-Ups
  • Overhead close-in stretch
  • Overhead squat stretch (PVC)
  • AbMat sit-up
  • Rollbacks
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Deadlifts

P.R.E.P test and Crossfit workoutsThere is a certain order the experts suggest along with instructions for how to complete these exercises. Some are meant to be done right in a row, while others allow a break in between sets. This list is just one of the many different workouts suggested for each week. The exercises are geared towards specific parts of the P.R.E.P. exam.

Phases of Police Exam

The exam varies depending on the police department, but almost always includes a variety of the following phases:

  • Pursuit phase- An extremely fast run for a specified distance- Often requires weights to be worn during the run in order to simulate police equipment
  • Push-up and Sit-up test
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Apprehend a suspect, a mannequin, and wrestle them through a number of obstacles

Preparing for the Unknown

The applicants do not know exactly what obstacles they will be pushed through during the physical exam. Crossfit helps the individual prepare for the unknown. The fitness exercises the individual practices will only serve to help them pass the grueling test of becoming a Police Officer. Not only will it help in the exam, but Crossfit will also help individuals maintain their physical strength and readiness throughout their career as a Police Officer. The advantages of Crossfit are helpful during all stages of pursuing a vocation as a Police Officer.

Crossfit can Benefit Everyone

P.R.E.P test and Crossfit workoutsCrossfit offers variety, intensity, a significant amount of effort and also a coach to help you through your difficult training sessions. The other benefit of Crossfit is the collection of exercises. It does not look like a normal gym with treadmills in a line or weight machines in a certain section. The equipment is mixed throughout the facility, so you can engage in many different activities throughout your workout. Participants will not be able to go and mindlessly run on the treadmill while catching up on their television shows. It engages the mind and body in a new way. This can be especially helpful if a person’s body has plateaued due to the repetition of the same exercises day after day. Crossfit engages different muscle groups in order to strengthen the whole body and not just specific areas. Do not miss out on a dream of being a Police Officer, because the neighborhood gym down the road is more comfortable!