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Ontario Police College (OPC): How To Get Into It FAST

The following, combined with our proven home study course, is a sure-fire way to ace the tests and become a police officer in Ontario, FAST.

If you’ve decided to take on a career path to protect and serve, there are some guidelines you should know before you start the application process to becoming a police officer in Ontario.

Your starting point will be obtaining a Police Foundations Diploma in order to show your intention and commitment about working with law enforcement. If you’re looking for a way to get started quickly, you can enroll in NAHB’s Police Foundation Diploma program to be prepared within 9 months as opposed to the typical 2-year program.

Policing is mainly about being able to work with people and ensure their safety through various crime prevention methods and law enforcement. Working as a police constable will require that you build relationships with the residents of the community that you are assigned to in order to meet the public’s needs irrespective of their race, culture and background.

Ontario Police CollegeOne of the leaders in police training on the international stage is the Ontario Police College or OPC, located in Malahide Township, where they are committed to creating state-of-the-art educational opportunities for seasoned and new police officers the same.  The OPC does not offer educational training to the general public because the institution is designed to service members who have already been hired.

Prospects who are eligible and ready to commence the required13-week program have the ability to attend the OPC in person or participate in the Ontario Police College Virtual Academy.

Before starting the application process, you may have several unanswered questions, but most commonly asked, is where to begin and how fast you can get into the Ontario Police College.

For starters, to become a police officer there are fundamental obligations that are described in the Police Services Act and include:

  • Preserving peace
  • Crime prevention
  • Assisting crime victims
  • Apprehending and/or charging offenders; in addition to
  • Executing warrants

Ontario Police CollegeStarting a career in police services can be mentally and physically demanding so before you begin the application process, you can gauge eligibility by reviewing the general requirements in addition to themedical requirementswhere you will get a better idea of admissibility prior to applying.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you can take a look at the comprehensive set of tools used by the CSS (Constable Selection System) to determine how suitable you are as an applicant. Using the CSS will expedite the eligibility process as this system was designed in the early 1990s to assist police services in Ontario to evaluate candidates. Up to date, there are 41 municipal police services and the Ontario Provincial Police that are using the Constable Selection System to assess applicants.

Ontario Police CollegeThe CSS was established to resolve the continuing recruitment challenges faced by all police services. The organization worked with various parties to study, create, and then test the system, using the following method:

  • Comprehensive research was conducted into what police officers do on the job, as well as, what police personnel and the public consider the core duties of a police officer to be;
  • Competencies were identified to capture the skills, abilities, knowledge and traits that applicants should demonstrate under an assessment to ensure that they are acceptable police candidates;
  • A system of instruments and practices was designed to select police constables; and
  • Throughout the development and pilot testing of the new system, the ministry incorporated contributions from representatives from various ministries, agencies, police services, policing organizations, community groups/organizations and from experts in psychology and cultural bias.

Ontario Police CollegeThe Constable Selection Systemstays updated on changes in regulations, research and a variety of other areas. It is regularlyvalidated to make sure that it mirrors the obligations of a police officer in Ontario and is free of prejudice. It offers a chance for interested candidates to getevaluated for employment by numerous police services that are subscribed to the CSS, using identical selection standards. It is also designed to prevent problems suchas:

  • Various submissions by applicants to police services through the province calling formultiple time-consuming and costlyassessment of the same prospects;
  • Unreliable assessment of prospectsfor police services with opposing selection standards; and
  • Possible application of subjective selection criteria not based on real job requirements.

When looking to get into Ontario Police College as fast as possible, you first want to make sure there won’t be any setbacks along the way. Using the CSS will allow you to start the application process free of potential complications that can otherwise prolong your start date. Once you’ve passed the preliminary stages, you are ready for the next steps to becoming an officer that serves the needs of the diverse Ontario communities.