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Practice Police Fitness Tests

Practice Police Fitness Tests With Police Fit Canada

Practice Police Fitness TestsBased in Ottawa, Police Fit Canada focuses on preparing candidates for the physical fitness testing component of the application process. The physical demands on law enforcement officers are strenuous, and the company helps people assess their readiness as well as prepare for fitness tests. Police Fit Canada is also an accredited testing site for the PARE, FITCO, and POPAT. The company has tested or trained 30,000 applicants and has a close relationship with law enforcement agencies and recruiters.

Different agencies use different testing for their fitness requirements.

  • Police Fit Canada is an RCMP-accredited testing agency for the PARE (Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation). PARE is also used by a number of other law enforcement agencies, such as the CBSA and Air Marshall Services. Police Fit Canada is also accredited to provide testing for all federal agencies that require the test.
  • Ontario Correctional Services requires the FITCO.
  • Ontario police services require the PREP.
  • Other agencies rely on the POPAT.

Police Applicant Fitness

Practice Police Fitness TestsPolice Fit Canada helps candidates determine whether they are ready for their fitness through workshops and personal training.

  • Group workshops with a maximum of 12 participants. During the workshop, you get access to the latest equipment as well as practice all of the test components.
  • All workshops are priced at a flat fee of $29. Workshops are geared toward teaching you what is on the exam and how you can improve your time.
  • Workshops last approximately two hours and are held at the 911 Institute at La Cité.
  • The company also offers private training. These private workshops are individually scheduled and are priced at $35/hour.
  • Workshops can be repeated once at no cost. Re-taking a workshop is a great way to check your improvement and figure out if you are ready.
  • In 2016, Police Fit Canada will be offering mobile testing throughout Canada.

Canadian Police Fitness Testing

Practice Police Fitness TestsOnce you’re ready, the next step is to sign up for testing, which in many cases is offered at Police Fit Canada. In addition being accredited to offer the PARE for the RCMP, they offer the POPAT and FITCO on behalf of various agencies. Although they cannot offer PREP testing for Ontario police, Police Fit Canada works closely with recruiters to ensure that their workshops reflect the content of the test and that participants are prepared.

  • PARE stands for Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation. Required by the RCMP and other federal agencies, it consists of an obstacle course plus a push/pull weight section. At the end of the test, there is an untimed weight carry section as well.
  • PREP stands for Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police and is used by many local police services, especially in Ontario. It consists of a pursuit/restraint section similar to the PARE obstacle course and push/pull weight section, but also includes a shuttle run.
  • POPAT stands for Police Officer Physical Abilities Test. It is similar in content to the PREP and is used by agencies across North America.
  • FITCO stands for Fitness Test for Ontario Correctional Officers. It consists of a search station, emergency response circuit, and a shuttle run.

Canadian Police Fitness Test Standards

  • For the PARE, the official pass time is 4:50 for all federal agencies. For the RCMP, this requirement is prior to starting the application process, and applicants will be required to bring their time down to 4:20 for depot-training.Practice Police Fitness Tests
  • For the PREP, the official pass time is 2:37 with a 7.0 on the shuttle run. You need to pass both parts of the test. The aerobic shuttle run requires you to run back and forth over a 20-meter track. A good rule-of-thumb is that to be ready for the shuttle run, you should be able to run 2.4km (1.5mi) in 11.5m.

Finding Success

Many people fail their fitness test simply because they are not physically or mentally prepared, even though they are in good enough shape.

  • Remember, these tests are timed. It isn’t good enough to complete the tasks. Preparation helps you optimize your time so that you can complete the test in the best possible time for your fitness level.
  • Confidence is a key factor. The more you practice, the more confident you become. Taking a class with an instructor who knows the test in-and-out will give you greater familiarity and make you more confident on test day.