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Police Prep: Ontario Police Full Test Prep Package (Online Course)




  • 10 full-length SSPO (Sigma Survey for Police Officers) tests
  • Includes SSPO Section A – Incident Report Writing Aptitude – consists of 44 questions that measure: spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar
  • Includes SSPO Section B – Police Problem Solving – consists of 35 questions
  • 10 full-length updated GMAA OACP (General Mental Ability Assessment) randomized practice tests
  • 6 practice full-length police prep PATI as some services still test with the PATI and there is speculation they may all revert back
  • Random PATI tests so you never take the same test twice.
  • Random GMAA tests so you never take the same test twice
  • 30 WCT, 12 HD Video and 9 Written B-PAD Tests comprised of 2019 test questions and test standards.
  • Complete scoring, answer keys, and detailed solution explanations to show you how to answer each question correctly.
  • Full access to all teaching material (math, grammar, syllogisms, etc.) to systematically help you break down any question you face on the test.
  • Full access to all police prep material to help you get hired even faster (FREE resume templates, resume writing service, interview prep classes, fitness & diet plans, online tutoring) – We guarantee you feel confident and ready to pass or your money back!
  • Still need extra help? Book an online 1 on 1 tutoring session with our PATI test police prep tutors and get LIVE insider information on what to focus on for the test!
  • Lifetime access – Do the tests as often as you like!
  • INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS – Nothing is shipped. Stop waiting. Start learning.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee! If you don’t pass we’ll give you a full refund.

The whole testing process that you’re going through to become qualified to be hired as an officer of the law is all considered police prep.  These tasks aren’t pulled out of a hat, but each one directly corresponds to what you’ll be facing during your training period and once you’re working on the streets with the public.  You’ll be communicating and interacting with the public, writing up reports, investigating traffic incidents, and more.  Each section of these tests are ensuring that you have what it takes to protect and serve the public.


Test prep is vital for the PATI, B-Pad, and the WCT to be prepared for what will be on the various tests so that you can pass them the first time around rather than having to go through the process of rescheduling for a future date.  Many of these skills you’ll be tested on are ones that you’re familiar enough with in life, such as the mathematics portion in the quantitative reasoning of the PATI, but a little refresher never hurt anyone.  Plus, knowing what you miss on the practice tests will help you put a laser focus on what you need to work on for the real test.