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One of the first steps you must take to become a member of the police service in British Columbia is to take and pass the written test known as the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) test. The JIBC test contains comprehension, composition, English grammar, spelling, and mathematics on the grade 12 level. The test also has a section which contains short essay answers and some responses applicants must give from memory. The exam lasts two hours and 65% of the applicant’s answers must be correct for them to get a passing grade.


A large number of very intelligent candidates fail the JIBC test the first time they take it. There are two common reasons for this. One reason is applicants aren’t aware of the types of questions they will have to answer when they take the test. Another reason smart people often fail the JIBC test is because they lack the time management skills to complete the test on time. But there are a number of ways for people that want to become police officers to increase their odds of passing the JIBC. They include using study guides, taking practice tests, and more.


Some of the most popular and effective ways to increase your chances of passing the JIBC test include:


  • Using Study Guides
  • Taking Practice Tests
  • Learning Test-Related Time Management Skills
  • Take Test-Prep Classes
  • Prepare Online

Many of these options are fast, easy to use, and affordable on just about any budget. Some companies even offer money-back guarantees to people that use their test preparation products and still fail the JIBC test. For people that are serious about joining the police service, these types of test preparation can help.


Study Guides

Having access to good study guides can make a significant difference in the score people taking the JIBC test will get. The study guides help applicants understand the types of questions they will encounter in each phase of the JIBC exam. Using these study guides help prepare the applicants so they are comfortable come test time.


Practice Tests

Practice test work much like study guides. They help the applicants familiarize themselves with the JIBC test. But some people prefer the practice tests because they do more than make the applicant aware of the type of questions that will be asked on the JIBC test. The practice test contains actual questions from past JIBC tests. Many applicants find that after taking several practice tests their confidence and level of preparedness soar and they are able to pass the JIBC test on the first try.


Test-Related Time Management Skills

There are two common problems people that have taken and failed the JIBC police service exam have in common. They either feel too rushed to think clearly so they can give the correct answers or the fail to complete the exam in the allotted time. In order to better prepare applicants to take the test, companies offering time-management training teach them how to use the testing time efficiently so they wouldn’t panic and misuse their time. With a few hours of training, applicants generally learn enough time management skills to successfully complete the test on time.


Test Prep Classes

These test-prep classes are timed practice sessions designed to help applicants to learn time management skills and become familiar with the types of question they will encounter on the JIBC police service exam. Many of the test-prep classes provide sample questions based on old exams. The content and format of the practice exams so closely mirror those on the actual exam that when the applicants take the exam they are well-prepared, comfortable, and easily get passing grades.


Online JIBC Test Preparation Classes

One issue which prevents people from attending JIBC preparation classes is the inability to fit them into their schedule. For these people online JIBC test preparation classes may be the solution. Online test prep classes allow people to work to prepare for the police service test whenever they have the time. Some of the online classes provide e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and live chat links to former police officers and instructors with experience administering standardized tests that share helpful information about the JIBC test.