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The Manitoba Police Test is a battery of tests that evaluate your capability of being a police officer under the Winnipeg Police Service. This is the documentation you need in order to apply which you should take personally:


  • Photocopy of education credentials. This could be a high school diploma, a high school transcript indicated graduated or a GED certificate copy. A copy of an assessment report from a recognized Canadian testing facility is required for those with foreign certification.
  • An original driver’s abstract received not more than thirty days prior to application.
  • You also need a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Your resume.
  • A copy of proof of Canadian citizenship.
  • A copy of pardon papers &
  • An original vision test report from a qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist.


The Written Test

This is an 80 minute test that tests five areas of knowledge. It is in multiple choice and it tests general grade 12 knowledge. The five areas of testing include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Language mechanics
  • Language expression &
  • Mathematics.


The test’s pass mark is 65%. This test score is valid for four years and is applicable for both constable and cadet applicants. You have a maximum of five trials to do the test, after which you are differed for life. After the first failed attempt you have to wait six months after your first written test in order to re-apply.



This section has three kinds of questions which test your understanding of words. The first type will give you a word and ask you to provide a synonym. The second type asks you to put a missing word into a sentence, given the intended meaning. The third type asks you to fill in a similar word into two sentences, each with a missing word. In order to prepare for this section, you need to read widely as well as get to know new vocabulary every day.



This section tests your ability to understand information from a passage. You will be required to decipher this information and show your understanding by answering questions afterwards. To prepare for this section, reading passages and testing your understanding is crucial. You can do this with a friend to assess you.


Language Mechanics

This section tests your knowledge of the use of punctuation, capitalization and the skills required for writing proper sentences. This is in sentences, paragraphs, or a letter. For you to be versed in this, you need to read passages with direct speech used a lot.


Language Expression

This part of the written test focuses on your ability to develop and progress thoughts, as well as be able to combine thoughts in two sentences to be one. This exercises your knowledge of pronouns, verb tenses as well as overall sentence structure.


Mathematics Concepts and Applications

This section checks your knowledge of mathematics and its application in various problems presented to you. It could be analyzing a graph, solving equations, or working out square roots, percentages or ratios. You should revise mathematics of the 12th grade in order to reacquaint yourself with methodologies of problem solving.


After the successful completion of the written test, you will be required to go through these other sections:


  • The panel interview: This assesses your capabilities, skill set and experience through various stages of your life. They will include your work and voluntary experience, as well as life experiences. You should be able to relate these experiences to how they will help you be a better police officer.
  • The background investigation: This stage will involve the background investigator taking about three hours to evaluate you through your past work and life experiences. You should have proper documentation for this section which will be communicated.
  • Psychological and Medical tests: These tests will only be conducted when you are being considered for employment and will include illegal drugs testing.
  • The selection panel is the last part of where you are assessed alongside other applicants.
  • A physical abilities test is conducted during this process. You will be notified when to go for it. It tests your ability to endure physical exertion as well as your ability to handle, control and remove problems when they occur. It is called the WPS-PAT exam standing for Winnipeg Police Service Physical Abilities Test.