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What Is The WCT Police Test And How Do You Pass It?

WCT stands for Written Communication Test. If you want to become a police officer, you have to undertake the test. The test aims at testing and evaluating your communication skills in writing. It also aims at finding out how good you are at giving clear and informative information in writing. The exams test your vocabulary level as well as how good you are at writing grammatical and concise sentence structures. Before taking the exam, it is important to do practice in essay writing skills to improve your vocabulary.


In WCT, you may be presented with a scenario giving you jumbled information. You are expected to understand the situation and come up with written work that shows coherence and good grammar knowledge. You then need to come up with a report that records the occurrence of a scenario. To successfully recount the situation, you need to


  • Gather Information on the scene;
  • Decide on the necessary information from the scene to build a case on the;
  • Organize the information systematically and clearly indicate the time of the occurrence, location, evidence collected on the scene; and finally,
  • Come up with a clear conclusion summing up what happened

It is, therefore, important to have a pen and paper to note down the details of the scenarios to enable you to come up with a clear report backed up with evidence. Creating an outline will help you to organize your information systematically. You are most likely to have all the points required if you have a frame to work with as opposed to having none.


Written Communication Test calls for an analytical mind. Consequently, it is hard to prepare for this test. However, using materials that will stimulate analytical thinking is recommended. A good example of analytical work is reading mystery work. This work will help you think analytically, and you may find something to apply when it comes to the actual doing of the test.


Practicing writing time cases is an imperative when preparing for a Written Communication Test. Practicing gives you the confidence that you need when sitting for the exam. This is because timing yourself mimics the actual time you will have when writing the review.


When writing the Written Communication Test always back up your answers with the facts. This not only brings out your analytical side, but it also shows that you have real knowledge of the field.


Tips for passing Written Communication Test

How the test is administered: WTC exam is timed, and it is used to verify the future police officers ability to express themselves in writing for a comparable period of 1 hour and 15 minutes. You are supposed to read the instructions 15 minutes while the 1 hour is spent on actual doing of the exam. It is, therefore, important for you to plan yourself to avoid being unable to complete the WCT exam in time.


Written Communication Test valid period: should you succeed in taking the test, it remains valid for three years. After that, you are expected to have another test to ensure you remain updated and relevant.


How long do you wait to do the test again after failing? If a candidate fails his first Written Communication Test, they are expected to retake the exam again after three months. Applicants who fail the test at the second attempt may only take the exam again six months after the last date of the attempt.


Particular attention is given to Written Communication Test that are due to expire. In such a case, you are expected to rewrite the test within two months of the date of expiry or anytime after that.


In conclusion, the key to passing the Written Communication Test is being analytical, have the ability to express yourself coherently in writing and being able to keep time as the exam is time. Having this in mind, you are now ready to get that police officer job you have always dreamt of.