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Wonderlic is a testing company that provides a variety of tests for measuring the aptitudes, skills and personality factors that predict success in training programs and jobs. Their most popular test is the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, a test that measures thinking and problem solving ability. This is widely used for pre-employment selection as well as for promotion. Many police forces use this as a selection device.


It should be understood that to ace this test does not make you a desirable job candidate. Those that score highest on an intelligence test do not necessarily become the best cops. On a 50-item test, the standard score for police officers is between 20 and 27; this is the particular range of scores that best fits with successful performance of police work. The national average score for police officers is 21.


The Test

The test is used to gauge a person’s ability to learn, understand instructions, adapt and solve problems. The items are in multiple choice format. The kinds of questions include vocabulary, math word and computation problems, detecting errors in spelling, and spatial reasoning questions. It is a timed test, giving the candidate 12 minutes to complete 50 items.


Practice tests enable you to see the kinds of questions asked on the Wonderlic, and to accustom yourself to a timed test. There are numerous resources offered online where you can purchase test preparation packets. But there are also free practice tests that will give you an idea of what you will face when you take the test.


Preparing for the Test

The best way to prepare for the test is to know what is expected and to be ready with test taking strategies for dealing with multiple choice items and timed tests. Then, if you are rested and relaxed on the day of testing, you will be able to take the test calmly and free your mind to tackle the questions.


You can also do some review to sharpen your skills. Probably, the most fruitful review would be in the math area–to do basic calculations quickly and accurately, and be familiar with the kinds of mental reasoning required in word problems. If you have time to expand your vocabulary and improve spelling accuracy, that will add to your knowledge base.


Here are some test taking strategies for the Wonderlic:


  • Move quickly through the test, tackling the easy questions and skipping those that are difficult for you.
  • Quickly eliminate the obviously wrong answers to each question. Then you can concentrate on finding the correct answer.
  • If there is time remaining when you get to the end, do a quick check of your answers and with more time, tackle some of the difficult ones you skipped.

Spending time on practice tests and brushing up on the kinds of problems you anticipate will stand you in good stead when taking the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test.